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Born with nearly no presence, Fujimoto Shizuko grew up with a forced fondness for isolation amongst her peers. She had no friends, but why should that matter? As long as there were adorable animals that showered her with affection, Shizuko could care less about the ikemen bully, her little sister with a haughty attitude, and the truck coming right at her-

Shizuko died at the age of 17.

She awoke within a new world much commonly seen in those harem-seeking RPG-like stories. When she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw were the retreating backs of the parents abandoning her newborn self in an alleyway.

Conceding to the fact that she couldn’t escape her fate of solitude, even in a different universe, Shizuko closed her eyes and wished she’d stayed departedĀ in her previous world.

“…Shit, is it dead?”

A masked man with a lack of presence that rivaled her own suddenly appeared before her.

Raising her via unorthodox methods, the assassin ended up creating a carbon copy of himself, albeit with differing personality traits. Naming her Kaze, the assassin known as Akamori treated her like a daughter.

Akamori sacrificed himself to save Kaze in a defining moment.

Left alone once again, Kaze decided to uphold Akamori’s legacy and become the finest assassi- no, NINJA. She would venture the most lethal battlefields and make a name for herself. She would accept any grizzly mission if it meant a proper reward. She would disarm and mutilate her opponents without batting an eyelash. With this sort of mindset, Kaze places her master’s mask over her broken one.

Ugh, but why did this sort of world have to summon heroes like in those common-cliche novels?! In the end, they just make ninjas seem less exciting, you know?! Ah, oh well, at least the animals are cute in this world too…

Warnings: Mentions of gore, extreme language, and sexual themes. Recommended age to be reading is 18+ as this novel holds content that may disturb young readers.

Arc 1
Prologue: I Died Because of an Adorable Puppy

Chapter 1: This Sucks
Chapter 2: Training Begins (Age: 3)
Chapter 3: Farce (Age: 3)
Chapter 4: Night of Reckoning (Age: 5)
Chapter 5: History Lesson (Age: 6)
Chapter 6: Town (Age: 10)
Side Story 1: Funeral
Chapter 7: Preparations (Age: 11)
Chapter 8: Royalty (Age: 12)
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

Arc 2

26 thoughts on “Synopsis | Table of Contents”

    1. I’m glad to know you like it so far! I really enjoy writing with these three right now. Ah, I felt a little bad about how I ended things with Slash, but it would become a necessary hurdle for Kaze to realize the harshness of reality.


      1. Lol its comin :P. The chapters are long so its going to take a while. As well as our creator is busy irl it seems :P.


      2. Wouldn’t be as bad of a wait if Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? wasn’t caught up making it a huge wait for new chapters on that, instead of the three a day turb0 was translating before.


      3. Aye. But collage is killing everyone o-o. Also because hes caught up he needs to wait for the author now anyways :P.


      1. Hehehe… either your foster parents deceived you or your race class is Kumo-neko (spidercat instead of spiderman~lol),


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